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Like we mentioned in club last week, we are wanting to start off this year with fresh feedback!  Here are some drill-related polls to get us started! 🙂

This poll is about what you need to work on the most…

This one?  About what you feel you are good at. 🙂

Can’t wait to get your feedback and looking forward to seeing how are drill leader is going to incorporate your opinion! 🙂

Although this poll is related to the policy resolution, anyone can feel free to offer their opinion…

Dear novice TPers…

First of all, congrats for getting through Saturday!  I know a whole day of debate and competition can be super intense!

I tried to get to a lot of rooms on Saturday… but even with 4 rounds, I didn’t get a chance to see all of you in action.  One reason was because there are just so many of you and only one of me.  (I’m still working on the whole being-omnipresent thing…)  Another reason was:


There were a couple of a rounds were I went downstairs to observe a few speeches of value debate.  Their debates are shorter (only about 45 minutes or so)– so I figured I could go down there, observe a speech or two from a couple of rounds, and come back up in plenty of time to catch some TP rebuttals.

But… that’s not quite what happened.

I came back to the second floor after LD rounds were over, and to my amazement, found that a LOT of the novice rounds were out as well.

<<insert SHOCKED face>>

“How could this be?!” I thought… but I already knew the answer.

Constructives were not the culprit.  They are safely around the 8 minute mark.

It could have been a combination of several short CXs… but even if they only went 1 minute instead of 3 minutes a piece, that’s only shaving off 8 minutes total of TP round time.

Therefore, I deduced: the rebuttals.

Apparently, some of you only gave 2 minute rebuttals.

Oh, the TRAGEDY!

So, in order for us to address this round-shortener in club, I’ve constructed a poll.  Please click the option that best relates to why you personally had a hard time hitting that golden 5 minute mark in your rebuttals.

For those of you who did hit that 5 minute mark (YAY!), still vote– just tell me what’s the hardest part about the rebuttal process for you.

Thanks in advance!  See you in club!