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Like we mentioned in club last week, we are wanting to start off this year with fresh feedback!  Here are some drill-related polls to get us started! 🙂

This poll is about what you need to work on the most…

This one?  About what you feel you are good at. 🙂

Can’t wait to get your feedback and looking forward to seeing how are drill leader is going to incorporate your opinion! 🙂

Hello Policy debaters,

Just so you know, I’m planning an impromptu stop/start/switch tomorrow for a part of our club time. I know that several of you are still working on your cases, but I want at least a rough aff case (harms/plan/benefits… or justifications/plan), even if it isn’t fleshed out. We have practice rounds next week, and we gotta get you up and going at some point.

Also, for those who will be neg, you might not have a ton of evidence… but I expect you to use what you have PLUS strong argumentation & logic.

See you tomorrow!

Policy club reminder

Posted: September 3, 2013 in policy debate, updates

Just a reminder for those doing piranha packs… come prepared with your cases!

Those you are the piranhas… be prepared to give great feedback!

See you tomorrow!

We haven’t forgotten about you!  Our LD club is starting a little bit later along in the school year than our policy branch… but it is coming!

Just to foreshadow what to expect our first week:

  • We will be taking a debate personality quiz, geared specifically for you value lovers!
  • We will be jumping right into this year’s resolution, so be prepared to discuss some value/criterion combos that might make some solid cases.

As a reminder, this year’s resolution is, “Resolved: National security ought to be valued above freedom of the press.”  Those of you who already have a jumpstart on this resolution (I’m talking to you, summer debate campers!), I will be wanting to hear what you have learned and gathered from this pre-year opportunity.

Just to see where you stand so far, I’m going to take a little poll…

(Anyone can vote on this poll, although it is geared toward the value resolution.)

Looking forward to seeing you all September the 2nd!  Come prepared!

speech club online!

Posted: August 21, 2013 in announcements, speech club, updates

As we announced today in club, UADC speech club will be going to an online format for this fall semester.  This is definitely an EXPERIMENT!  Obviously, there will be some new kinks to work through, but we are really hoping that this will afford speech club both the time and flexibility that it needs to be helpful for you and your schedules!

Mrs. Rose mentioned a few guidelines about club, and I’ll go ahead and review them here:

  • Club will begin at 1pm on Thursdays and can go until 2:30pm.  If no one logs on by 1:15pm, I will log off and the club “window” is closed.
  • If you know you want help within the club time (1-2:30) but can’t log on at 1pm, shoot me an email by Thursday morning with the time that you will be logged on.  That way, if no one else doesn’t log on, I will know to come back and look for you at a certain time instead of completely closing down the club window.
  • You can participate in club by recording yourself doing your speech and sending it to me via YouTube link.  We will then watch it in club and critique it OR you can give us your speech “live” via web/computer/IPAD/whatever cam.
  • (I’m sure there will be more guidelines as this goes on, but those are the main ones as of now.)

Here’s how to log on:

  1. Have a gmail account and know how to access the google chat/hangout bar.
  2. Email me at communicatecharis [at] gmail [dot] com with your name and the gmail address you will be using.  I will add you to my contacts list.
  3. When you log on your account, put “in speech club” as a custom message with your chat status.  That way, I will know you are here for club and will add you to my hangout.  Do your best to be ready with that right at 1pm, so I can add us all at once.  (If you are late and the Hangout has already begun, open a chat with me and I will try and add you to the Hangout from my end.)

Like a mentioned before, there might be some kinks we need to work out– in fact, expect it, especially the first couple of weeks. 🙂  Hopefully, we will find our groove soon!

Thanks for being my guinea pigs!!!

(Of course, in order for you to take advance of online speech club time, you need to be a member of speech club– not just debate.   If you are not a member of speech club and would like to be, please contact our club administrator, Dawn Rose.)

This week, for our first debate club meeting of the new school year, we will be taking a little debate personality quiz.  🙂

Now, I will be going over this in club, but for those of you who would like a preview, I’ll go ahead and post the quiz here.  You can be thinking ahead about what is true of YOU… and we will figure out where you fit in the debate-style spectrum more on Wednesday!

Go ahead and click on the link to download and take the quiz!


(Btw, go ahead and subscribe to this blogfeed so you can get debate updates as they come!)

I just wanted to let you know what I am planning this week at club– in order for you to plan, if you want!


This week I would love for it to be a “senior” share-athon.  If you are a senior this year *or* if this is your last year in TP and you would like an opportunity to talk to others about debate, this is your time!  If you have any last words of wisdom to impart about how to debate, tournaments, or simply just want to share about what you have personally learned or gleaned from your years “arguing,” think ahead to what you would like to say.  I will be opening the floor for your guys to make your one last intellectual (or sentimental) contribution to club! 🙂


Looking forward to learning from you this week!


Coach Stephanie