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Hello Policy debaters,

Just so you know, I’m planning an impromptu stop/start/switch tomorrow for a part of our club time. I know that several of you are still working on your cases, but I want at least a rough aff case (harms/plan/benefits… or justifications/plan), even if it isn’t fleshed out. We have practice rounds next week, and we gotta get you up and going at some point.

Also, for those who will be neg, you might not have a ton of evidence… but I expect you to use what you have PLUS strong argumentation & logic.

See you tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder that we are having a modified stop/start/switch round this Wednesday.

The aff case will be about revoking veto powers.

Remember, anyone can be used at any time for any side…

Happy prepping!

The team of Booty/Van Arsdale will be starting us off Aff this Wednesday in club.

Novices… be prepared.  This time, anyone is fair game for SSS.  🙂

Debaters, come with your evidence, be ready to flow, and to jump in whenever…

(Oh, and parents, I’m planning on polling you often, so have your opinions on the round/arguments handy! 🙂 )

The team of Johannas/Walenceus will be starting us off Aff this Wednesday in club.

This semester, we aren’t giving a “preview” of what case the Aff will cover because that’s not the way it works in competition rounds.  (You don’t know what cases you are going to hit before you hit them– well, most of the time.)

Have your evidence ready… and see you Wednesday! 🙂

just wanted everyone to know that stop/start/switch on the 30th will be “on call.”  be prepared to for any aff, any neg, and to be called on at any time.  (kinda like a real debate round… 🙂


looking forward to seeing all of you!  hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! 🙂

The team of Atwood/Wortham will be running their case on Federal Grand Jury reform!  Hopefully all the research and practice from this past weekend will make this one of the best stop/start/switches yet!

See ya Wednesday! 🙂

The team of Grubbs/Schvaneveldt will be advocating and establishing the NCJC (National Criminal Justice Commission) in their aff plan.

Just a reminder that any/all can and will be called, including the parentals. 🙂  Research and be ready!

See you Wednesday!