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Posted: September 19, 2014 in announcements, policy debate

It was great to sit in on our first rounds this week!  Obviously, there is a LOOOONG way to go in this resolution and in this school year, but we are definitely off to a great start.

I’m already planning some activities that I think will be helpful, but I am also wanting to see more of you guys.  So, this week, plan on bringing you aff case, as well as any neg evidence that you have.  🙂

See you Wednesday!

Upcoming clubs!

Posted: September 11, 2014 in announcements

Just a couple of thoughts as you guys get your debate cases ready for their first run!

Next week, I am looking forward to seeing those aff cases and beginning neg rebuttals… Just remember those “warnings” we talked about as you write your 1ACs.  And whoever ends up being Neg?  Well, we all know you have your work cut out for you, too! 🙂

The week AFTER next, though, I want every one to have an Aff case ready to go!  We are going to do some serious deconstructing of your affs, since I probably won’t stop/start you in rounds next week.  I am going to up the anti a bit since is primarily varsity in the fall and get nit picky.  Be prepared to be piranha-packed by me and Karen first before we open it up to the club.

Obviously, we know that the Aff is going to go through several edits before it hits the tournaments in the spring (and even before the practice events later this fall)… BUT the sooner we tackle the weaknesses, the better! 🙂

See you Wednesday!


Hey club!

Thanks for putting on a “value” hat during club yesterday! (Even if the story of the Little Red Hen was completely botched. 🙂 )

Just wanted to send you the link to a timeline resource that I mentioned in club yesterday.  We didn’t get very far, due to the beginning-of-the-semester stuff, but I REALLY want you to look at the timeline and ask yourself those questions we were using yesterday.  I think you’ll start seeing some interesting things that can really help you start thinking of Aff and Neg positions and rebuttals.

See the timeline here.

Also, Andrew mentioned some creative, yet informative, Middle Eastern background links.  He’s emailed them and you can watch them yourself by clicking on the links below.

One more reminder: remember to VOTE in the polls that were posted the other day!  We are going to be using the results to come up with some custom drills, so let your voice be heard. 😉

Hello UADC!

It’s hard to believe the school year is upon us!  I just wanted to tell you all that I am looking forward to seeing you all and talking about our new resolutions!

I’m sure several of you have already jump-started into research and I can’t wait to here what all you have discovered already.

See you soon!

C. Stephanie

Hey guys!  Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Just some general housekeeping reminders for you…

  1.  Speech club is TOMORROW at 2nd Pres at 10AM.  That means no online club on Thursday.  COME ON OUT!  I have some games ready to go… and don’t forget to bring the speeches you want feedback on!
  2. Rounds are tomorrow for both policy & LD.
  3. In combined club, we are going to look at organization and blend that in with what we learned last week about vivid language.  I’m bringing candy… so be prepared to jump up and volunteer. 😉

I think that’s it!  See you then!

It was great seeing all of you (or many of you) since all the snow… and the tournament… and everything!

Just a couple of things:

  • keep working on the 4 point ref!  Remember the SSSS(s), and that will help!
  • I’m going to be working on some activities about how to use language specifically to give the most impact.  (Those of you who “voted” for organization and argumentation exercises– no worries! Your time is coming! 🙂 )
  • Value club: keep plugging away at the fallacies so you can recognize them, address them, and “remove” them from the round.  (Oh, and avoid them yourself! 😉 )  Next time, we’ll be getting you up and doing some exercise that will keep working on logical argumentation, especially how it applies to value and criterion clash.

Again, I’m glad to get back into routine!

See you all in Columbia!


value club: 2.4.14

Posted: February 4, 2014 in announcements, value debate


Remember a couple of weeks ago when we discussed original arguments?  You were given the task to come up with an completely new argument (that you’ve never heard before) for both the aff and neg sides.

Be prepared to come with those in hand tomorrow!  We are going to get up and try those arguments out!

See you then!