Upstate Area Speech and Debate club is an organization in the Upstate of Greenville, SC that exists to “support homeschooled students and their parents in developing and practicing the life skills necessary for Godly character and effective verbal and nonverbal communication.” (UASD mission statement)  We seek to meet our mission through weekly meetings focusing on speech and debate skills and how they relate to communication, life, and Christianity.

Upstatedebate.wordpress.com was created to help promote discussion and supplement our weekly lessons and practice with the club.

So, students, get ready to get involved.  Jump in!  The conversation is yours to create!

(Oh, and to any other visitors that happen to stumble upon this little site, feel free to peruse, answer a couple of polls, and learn more about this year’s debate resolution… “Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should significantly reform the criminal justice system.”)

  1. Julie Atwood says:

    This looks pretty cool! Our very own blog site. I hope everyone has a great time checking in and checking it out. Be sure and let us know what you think. Thank you Coach Stephanie!!

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