US policy timeline and helpful links

Posted: September 4, 2014 in additional resources, announcements, policy debate, value debate

Hey club!

Thanks for putting on a “value” hat during club yesterday! (Even if the story of the Little Red Hen was completely botched. 🙂 )

Just wanted to send you the link to a timeline resource that I mentioned in club yesterday.  We didn’t get very far, due to the beginning-of-the-semester stuff, but I REALLY want you to look at the timeline and ask yourself those questions we were using yesterday.  I think you’ll start seeing some interesting things that can really help you start thinking of Aff and Neg positions and rebuttals.

See the timeline here.

Also, Andrew mentioned some creative, yet informative, Middle Eastern background links.  He’s emailed them and you can watch them yourself by clicking on the links below.

One more reminder: remember to VOTE in the polls that were posted the other day!  We are going to be using the results to come up with some custom drills, so let your voice be heard. 😉

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